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Cattle and Sheep Handling Equipment

Since 1988, Arrowquip has made livestock management easier, faster and safer with industry leading innovation and technologically advanced designs. From cattle crushes to custom stockyard designs for operations of any size, Arrowquip is the solution for your livestock handling needs. Let our generations of livestock producer experience and knowledge of livestock behaviour help you develop a more efficient and productive operation.

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Permanent Cattle Yard From Above

Cattle & Sheep Yard Designs

Professional Sheep & Cattle Yard Designs for Operations of Any Size.

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Cattle Crushes, Cattle Yards & Equipment

Through extensive research, innovative designs, and utilising the latest technology in every piece of cattle and sheep equipment, Arrowquip brings the most advanced livestock handling solutions to the farmer operation.

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Cattle Crush Lineup

Cattle crushes that are redefining silent cattle handling operations.

Side image of the Q-Power 106 Series cattle crush

Hydraulic Cattle Crushes

Hydraulic cattle crushes designed for your farm to operate at maximum efficiency, no matter the size of your operation.

Side videw of EasyFlow cattle race

Cattle Races & Drafting

Cattle Races designed for easy adjustments and smooth cattle flow.

Side view of BudFlow cattle forcing yard

Cattle Forcing Yards

Force Yards designed for maximum cattle movement with minimum stress.

Side view of stationary cattle loading ramp

Cattle Loading Ramps

Cattle Loading Ramps that keep your herd flowing easily as they move from yard to trailer.

Front view cattle panel

Cattle Panels & Gates

A premium line of panels suitable for any operation.

Front view of Arrowquips cattle head holder

Additional Cattle Working Equipment

Other cattle working products designed to simplify daily life in your operation.


Sheep Handlers, Sheep Crushes & Equipment

The most advanced sheep handlers and low stress handling equipment available in the industry. Improve the efficiency of managing your sheep with equipment designed to work with livestock psychology, making the processing of animals faster, safer, and easier for the handler and the sheep.

Galvanized sheep catcher

Sheep Handlers

Low stress, high efficiency sheep handlers.

Stud Manager Sheep Panels

Sheep Yard Panels & Gates

A premium line of sheep panels suitable for any operation.

side view of the Straight Drafting Race

Sheep Drafting Races

Sheep Drafting Races for Simple & Effective Sorting

Side view of 3.5m stationary Sheep Loading Ramp

Sheep Loading Ramps

Sheep Loading Ramps that simplify the transition from yard to trailer.


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