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Cattle Crush - Q-Catch Mark II Series

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The quietest manual squeeze crush

2 models available:
Q-Catch Mark II Dual Xtreme | Q-Catch Mark II Dual

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The Q-Catch Mark II Dual Xtreme has a full-length dual side squeeze (including the vet cage) to hold different sized animals securely whilst in the crush. It has a quick push pull head bail operation to ensure you never miss catching a beast. The head bail operates on a friction lock, which is a very quiet operation, keeping the stress levels down for both the cattle and operator.

This crush also has an industry first neck access point. You can get access to the neck for inoculation right behind the head bail with the side squeeze either open or closed. This means you can needle in exactly the right spot, and not have the worry of breaking an arm in the process.

The top and bottom side split gates give excellent access to for animal husbandry tasks, and have two inbuilt removable barn door access gates for quicker access. Each split gate has a row of nylon rump fingers to hold the animal securely, and you can use the rump bar and the split gate simultaneously.

The foot-operated vet gate is a favourite with vets. It is quick to use and ensures safety at all times. The head bail and sliding gate can be operated simultaneously for quick and easy flow in and out of your crush.

The two-pack epoxy paint finish adds a layer of protection from corrosion to ensure longevity.

The 20mm thick moulded rubber floor has been tried and tested in view of a long-lasting quiet floor solution. This keeps the cattle calm and quiet in the crush. We use virgin moulded rubber in the floor because all other rubber types did not pass our stringent product testing.

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  • 210223 R Qcmkiidx Front

    Model: Q-Catch Mark II Dual Xtreme

    Weight: 935kg kg | Product Code: QCMK2DX

    Dimensions: 3330mm long x 2150mm high x 850mm wide

    The Q-Catch Mark II Dual Xtreme vet crush is a full-length dual side squeeze crush with a moulded virgin rubber floor which makes it the quietest manual squeeze crush ever manufactured. The full-length squeeze eliminates the frustration of smaller animals turning in the vet cage. The side squeezes from 750mm to 197mm making it suited to a large range of cattle operations including graziers, studs, breeders and backgrounding. The Mark II Dual Xtreme will improve the efficiency of your operation and is protected with long lasting two-pack epoxy paint.

  • 210223 R Qcmkiid Front Crop1

    Model: Q-Catch Mark II Dual

    Weight: 780kg kg | Product Code: QCMK2D

    Dimensions: 3330mm long x 2150mm high x 850mm wide

    The Q-Catch Mark II Dual vet crush has a dual side squeeze, which is quick and quiet to operate with extraordinary access to the animal. Suited to a large range of cattle operations including graziers, studs, breeders and backgrounding, the Mark II Dual will improve the efficiency of your operation and is too good to ignore.


    • Q Catch Mkii Headholder


      The second-generation head holder is a sturdy mechanism that clamps around the animals head and holds it still. This new version has been improved with single handle push-pull operation, allowing the handler to secure the animal’s head safely and easily every time.

    • Front view of cattle crush baulk gate


      The Baulk Gate is an effective way to calm down particularly aggressive animals, ensuring they do not run straight through the head bail. The two gates are hinged, so they can be moved out of the way when they are not required. Support posts and latch included.

    • Side view of cattle crush trailer


      The Cattle Crush Trailer is designed to work with the entire lineup of Arrowquip crushes. The yoke-style design makes it easy to manoeuvre into position, and the high-quality winch enables you to load the crush quickly and safely. Off-road only.

    • Front view of sternum bar


      The Sternum Bar is designed to keep cattle from going down in the crush, and is easily installed and removed with just two bolts.

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