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Cattle Crush - Q-Catch 86 Series

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World’s Quietest Cattle Crush

3 models available:
Deluxe Vet | Vet | Standard

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* Head Holder Optional (QC910)

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The Q-Catch 86 Series gives every farmer the opportunity to purchase the world-renowned silent cattle crush. With the most innovative design on the market, the 86 Series is designed to give you more access and to increase your productivity. Featuring poly bushings on all pivot and latch points and the first true rubber floor ever seen in a cattle crush, the Q-Catch takes quiet livestock handling to a new level. This exclusive crush is widely recognised as the best cattle crush on the market. By taking the manual work out of the crush, the Q-Catch 86 Series has revolutionised the way farmers think about cattle handling.

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  • Front view of the Q-Catch 86 Series Cattle Crush

    Model: Deluxe Vet

    Weight: 1022 kg | Product Code: QC8600V

    Dimensions: 1388mm Wide x 2343mm High x 3299mm Long

    If you want maximum cattle control, versatility, and freedom in your crush, look no further than the Deluxe Vet. Including all the features of the Q-Catch 86 Series, this crush takes your livestock management to the next level with a full-length dual parallel squeeze. Having the vet cage squeeze with the crush allows you to narrow the crush before cattle enter it, so there is no point within your system that a cow or calf can turn around!

  • Side view of the Q-Catch 86 Series Vet cattle crush

    Model: Vet

    Weight: 863 kg | Product Code: 8600MRVSD

    Dimensions: 1388mm Wide x 2343mm High x 3395mm Long

    Not sold on the full-length squeeze? No problem! Our Vet Model offers all the access and features that come standard on the Q-Catch 86 Series, and the large bolt-on vet cage gives you all the elbow room you could possibly need. The Vet Cage is fitted with a rubber floor, ensuring your livestock move smoothly through the vet cage and into the crush without hesitation.

  • Side video of the Q-Catch 86 Series Standard cattle crush

    Model: Standard

    Weight: 686 kg | Product Code: 8600MR

    Dimensions: 1388mm Wide x 2343mm High x 2389mm Long

    Working with limited space? The Standard Model of the Q-Catch 86 Series allows you to work your cattle in the most safe and effective way possible, even if you cannot fit a full-sized vet crush into your yard. Including all the standard features of the Q-Catch 86 Series, and offering a variety of add-ons designed to increase your productivity, the TBD is an effective option for operations where space is limited.

Q-Catch 86 Series head bail fully oppened
  • Crush Rubber Floor – Patent-Pending

    Rubber floors are proven to reduce stress, increase efficiency and improve the health of your cattle. Arrowquip’s maintenance-free, removable rubber flooring brings livestock comfort into the cattle crush, making it as low-stress as possible.

  • Squeeze

    The Q-Catch 86 Series parallel squeeze is unlike any other cattle crush in the industry. The push-pull squeeze handle never needs to be adjusted to work cattle of varying sizes, as the 750mm width fits the largest bull and can squeeze down with ease to 197mm to suit the smallest calf. The squeeze locks in place in any position, ensuring you have all the control you need.

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Q-Catch 86 Series head bail fully closed with head holder
  • Q-Catch Cattle Head Bail Locking System

    The Q-Catch cattle head bail locking system features a dual friction lock with infinite adjustments, and independent locking doors. The Head Bail Lock is backed by a Lifetime Guarantee.

  • Powder-Coated Steel

    Arrowquip cattle crushes are powder-coated to reduce wear on the equipment by making it resistant to moisture, chemicals, UV rays, and extreme weather conditions. Our high-quality powder-coat process is combined with primed steel to ensure the most durable quality possible.

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  • Front view of Arrowquips cattle head holder

    Second-Generation Cattle Head Holder [Patent-Pending] (QC910)

    The head holder clamps around the cattle’s neck to hold the head immobile, allowing the farmer safe, up-close access. Featuring single handle push-pull operation and never requiring adjustments, the cattle head holder simplifies any procedure necessary.

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  • Side view of cattle crush trailer

    Cattle Crush Trailer (PT500)

    Designed specifically for Arrowquip cattle crushes, the yoke-style design makes the trailer easy to maneuver. With your choice of a ball or pin hitch, and a high-quality winch to load your crush easily, the crush trailer makes moving your cattle crush a simple task.

  • Front view of sternum bar

    Sternum Bar (STBR)

    The sternum bar is intended to keep cattle from going down, and is easily installed and removed from your cattle crush with just two bolts.

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  • Front view of cattle crush baulk gate

    Baulk Gate

    The Baulk Gate is an effective way to calm down particularly aggressive animals, ensuring they do not run straight through the head bail. The two gates are hinged, so they can be moved out of the way when they are not required. Support posts and latch included.

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Cattle Crush - Q-Catch 86 Series Specifications

CAD drawing of Q-Catch 86 Series cattle crush
  • Cattle Head Bail operation handle is user-friendly and can be situated anywhere along the side of the crush
  • Curtain-style head bail opens to a full 762mm top to bottom for cattle to exit the crush
  • Easy to use push-pull cattle crush handle
  • Squeeze ranges from 750mm fully open to 197mm fully closed
  • The Q-Catch squeeze locking system features a dual friction lock with infinite adjustments. Patent-Pending
  • Two rows of rump fingers ensure safety no matter the size of the animal
  • Nylon rump fingers are engineered to endure high pressure
  • Ambidextrous rolling door that can be operated from either side of the crush
  • The rolling door running track is top-mounted, eliminating the issue of build-up
  • Vet door opens in both directions for a full 180° of maneuverability
  • Bottom gate swings to the inside to lock into place automatically, and can be operated by hand or with the foot pedal
  • Improved, low-profile latch ensures the vet cage door will not swing to the inside of the crush when slammed shut
  • Swing-out top and bottom access doors can be used individually or together to access the entire animal
  • Side access panels are removable and can be configured in a variety of positions to suit your operation’s needs
  • 324mm needle door access
  • Rectangular tubing limits cattle bruising and injury
  • Pivot and latch points feature poly bushings for silent operation
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