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Cattle Crush - Q-Catch 46 Series

Cattle Crush in a field

Our Economical Cattle Crush

Weight: 470 kg

Dimensions: 991mm Wide x 1908mm High x 3251mm Long

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The Q-Catch 46 Series cattle crush is a cost-effective solution for the smaller cattle producer. The simple and efficient design of the 46 Series allows smaller operations to increase their productivity by providing excellent access, smooth catches, and one-man operation to cattle producers of any size.

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Front view of the Q-Catch 46 Series Cattle Crush and head bail
  • NEW 600 Series Head Bail

    The 46 Series features the world-renowned Q-Catch Head Bail. The Q-Catch locking mechanism has been redesigned for maximum livestock control and safety. Know that your livestock are secure, and your workers are safe with the new and improved Q-Catch Head Bail.

  • Rear Rolling Gate

    The rear gate on the 46 Series is top mounted to eliminate the issue of buildup, and features heavy-duty oval panels to ensure that your livestock are enclosed securely in the crush.

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Side view of Q-Catch 46 Series Cattle Crush with side access open
  • Access

    Swing-out top and bottom side access doors are mounted on opposite hinges, allowing you to access the back half of your livestock from the working side, and to use it as a full side exit from the offside.

  • Safety

    The Q-Catch 600 Series Head Bail is designed for maximum control and safety. This thoughtfully crafted head bail features a friction lock with infinite adjustments and a 30” exit space to ensure livestock of any size can exit the crush.

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  • Front view of Arrowquips cattle head holder

    Second-Generation Cattle Head Holder [Patent-Pending] (QC910)

    The head holder clamps around the cattle’s neck to hold the head immobile, allowing the farmer safe, up-close access. Featuring single handle push-pull operation and never requiring adjustments, the cattle head holder simplifies any procedure necessary.

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  • Side view of cattle crush trailer

    Cattle Crush Trailer (PT500)

    Designed specifically for Arrowquip cattle crushes, the yoke-style design makes the trailer easy to maneuver. With your choice of a ball or pin hitch, and a high-quality winch to load your crush easily, the crush trailer makes moving your cattle crush a simple task.

  • Front view of sternum bar

    Sternum Bar (STBR)

    The sternum bar is designed to keep cattle from going down, and is easily installed and removed from your [cattle crush] with just two bolts.

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  • Scale mount brackets on Q-Catch 46 Series cattle crush

    Scale Mount Brackets

    If you would like to install a scale to your Q-Catch 46 Series crush, the clamp on scale mount brackets allow you to do so with ease. Designed to work with Tru-Test and Gallagher load bars.

  • Front view of cattle crush baulk gate

    Baulk Gate (QCBG)

    The Baulk Gate is an effective way to calm down particularly aggressive animals, ensuring they do not run straight through the head bail. The two gates are hinged, so they can be moved out of the way when they are not required. Support posts and latch included.

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Cattle Crush - Q-Catch 46 Series Specifications

CAD drawing of Q-Catch 46 Series Cattle Crush
  • Curtain-style head bail opens to a full 762mm top to bottom for cattle to exit the crush
  • Swing-out top and bottom access doors allow full access to the animal
  • Side access doors can be used together as a full side access
  • Rectangular tubing limits cattle bruising and injury
  • Rolling rear gate is easily operated from the working side of the crush
  • The rear gate running track is top-mounted, eliminating the issue of build-up

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