An inefficient drafting compound was causing difficulty for Terry Moring, the owner and manager of “Mooresprings” farm in Bibbinluke, NSW. Due to their existing drafting compound being “impossible” to work with, running their nearly 2000 Merino and cross-bred ewes on their 1,100-hectare farm was a constant challenge for Terry and his wife, Leanne.

These issues led Terry to work with Arrowquip to design a Semi-Permanent Stud Manager System including a V-Sided Draft Module and Double Drench Race. The system was custom designed to integrate with the existing shearing facilities, and to solve the drafting issues they were consistently facing. According to Terry, “the drafting module has been the biggest improvement to our whole yards”.

Of the Arrowquip Experience and design consultation process, Terry said that “It was very good … We discussed designs and which way we wanted the sheep to flow, and after a while we came up with the plan that we’ve got here now”. The double drenching race and the ability to draft sheep in any direction with the easy to use gates are key features of the yards, and Terry and Leanne have been very pleased with the versatility of their new stockyard system.