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Cow Catcher 2700

Cow Catcher 2700 Hero

Cow Catcher 2700

Model: Cow Catcher 2700

Weight: 500kg kg

Dimensions: 1290mm wide x 2320mm high x 3256mm long

Product Code: CWC2700V, CWC2700VOS

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Introducing the Cow-Catcher 2700 Series Cattle Crush – a robust and efficient solution designed to elevate your cattle handling experience. Crafted with precision and backed by a 10-year manufacturer's guarantee, this Australian-made crush is a testament to durability, innovation, and ease of use.

Experience the pinnacle of cattle handling with the Cow-Catcher 2700 Crush. Equipped with a heavy-duty head bail featuring a dual locking mechanism, an increased height 790mm vet gate, and a lifetime warranty on locks, this crush ensures a quiet, low-stress operation. The inclusion of nylon rump fingers and an Australian-made guarantee further solidify its status as the go-to choice for small to medium producers.


Easy to Use: Streamline your operations with a crush that prioritizes user-friendliness.

Dual Locking Head Bail: Ensure the safety and security of your cattle with the crush's dual locking head bail.

Quiet: Create a stress-free environment for your livestock with the crush's whisper-quiet operation.

Low Stress: Minimize stress on both animals and handlers during veterinary procedures.

Close and Lock with Minimal Pressure: Designed for minimal pressure requirements, making it easy and stress-free to operate.

Choose the Cow-Catcher 2700 Series for a reliable, quiet, and efficient solution that puts ease of use and the well-being of your livestock at the forefront.

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    Cow Catcher 2700

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