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Sheep Yards

Sheep Yard Designs for Any Operation

With a variety of components including high-quality panels, gates, and everyone's favorite sheep catcher, you can create a suitable solution for any property.

Running a profitable sheep operation is easy with Arrowquip’s advanced sheep handling equipment. We understand that sheep flow through your yards and into the working area is paramount. Our low stress handling equipment is designed with sheeppsychology principles for ultimate safety and speed in your yards.

The requirements of every property and operation are different, and therefore you must consider every angle when designing your yards. Whether you are working with existing structures and shearing sheds, or starting from scratch on your property, you will find a variety of options to create your ideal sheep yard.

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Arrowquip has a team of sheep handlers and experts who are here assist you with the stockyard design process from initial measurements straight through to installation. Whether you are using our designs or have an idea of your own you are working from, we can help you to optimize flow, minimize stress on your animals, and minimize the number of handlers required to work your sheep.

To find out more about our Stockyard Consultation Service, please contact our team.

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Sheep Yard Designs

A selection of our top sheep yard designs.  If you require a custom design or do not see something that suits your requirements, please contact our team.

Sheep Yards Case Studies

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Lug & pin installation with footed posts.


Individual panels and posts with clamps on both ends.

Flagpole Permanent

Flagpole panel, welded on one end and clamped on the other.

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