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Q-Catch MKII Classic

Q Catch Classic Hero

Q-Catch MKII Classic

Model: Q-Catch MKII Classic

Dimensions: 1496mm wide x 2350mm high x 3250mm long

Product Code: QCMK2C, QCMK2COS

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Introducing the Q-Catch Mark II Classic Cattle Crush – a pinnacle of innovation and functionality. Crafted with a heavy-duty, silent operation infinite locking mechanism, patented design, and backed by a 10-year manufacturer's guarantee, this Australian-made crush offers precise control and unmatched durability. The Q-Catch Mark II Classic is designed for ease of use, delivering a quiet, low-stress operation for both livestock and handlers.

Elevate your cattle handling with the Q-Catch Mark II Classic. Featuring a heavy-duty, silent operation infinite locking mechanism with a dual locking brake for precise control, this crush ensures instant and reliable functionality. The lifetime warranty on locks and patented design showcase our commitment to quality and innovation. With an Australian-made guarantee and a moveable handle for flexible operation, the Q-Catch Mark II Classic stands as the top choice for those seeking durability, functionality, and ease of use in their cattle crush.


Manual Bayonet Side Squeeze: Enhance your cattle handling efficiency with the manual bayonet side squeeze, providing additional control during veterinary procedures.

Quiet Low Stress Operation: Prioritize the well-being of your livestock with the crush's quiet, low-stress operation, creating a calm environment for both animals and handlers.

Moveable Handle: Enjoy flexibility in operation with the moveable handle, allowing you to control the head bail from anywhere along the crush.

Easy to Use: Streamline your cattle handling operations with a crush designed for simplicity and ease of use.

Dual Locking Head Bail: Ensure the safety and security of your cattle with the dual locking head bail, providing a reliable and secure containment solution.

Choose the Q-Catch Mark II Classic for a superior cattle handling experience – where innovation, durability, and ease of use converge seamlessly

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