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Beef Buddy® Forcing Yard

Bud box inside a cattle yard

Stress-Free Force Yard

Weight: 330 kg

Dimensions: 4309mm Wide x 2400mm High x 6278mm Long

Product Code: BBDY

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Arrowquip’s bud box, the Beef Buddy® takes the concept of a Bud Box to the next level, adhering to low-stress cattle handling practices and ensuring optimal livestock flow. The Beef Buddy® guides animals into the race effortlessly, with only one operator needed.

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Drawing of cattle turning around inside a bud box forcing yard
  • How a Bud Box Works

    • Cattle enter the Beef Buddy® easily, as they have an unobstructed view through the panel at the opposite end
    • You close the entry gate behind the cattle
    • Cattle naturally turn back to where they entered
    • When turning back, they see the open race gate and flow through easily
    • Cattle move into the race with no force

  • Open End Panel

    The open panel at the end of the Beef Buddy® ensures that livestock move into the box with ease, as their view is unobstructed.

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rogers_beef.jpg#asset:4732 …When we installed our first Beef Buddy, it worked perfectly. When the cows were in the Box, we could stay at the crush and have cattle walk up to the crush without anyone going near them. We now have 4 Beef Buddy’s at different sets of yards including one that loads a working race from one corner and a loading ramp from the diagonally opposite corner. The principal of having cattle squeeze past us and head straight for the daylight in the corner (which is the race entrance), works really well…

- L. Rogers,

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Bud Box forcing yard panels
  • Man Gates

    Man Gates on either side of the race entrance increase operator safety, as there are two gates where the handler can exit the box.

  • Sheeted Entry Gate

    The fully sheeted entry gate guides livestock into the race entrance with ease, ensuring that they transition smoothly through the box.

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Beef Buddy® Forcing Yard Specifications

BeefBuddy® Bod Box Cattle Forcing Yard CAD Drawing
  • Adheres to low-stress cattle handling techniques
  • Works with cattle psychology
  • Entry gate and side panels are fully sheeted
  • Panel opposite entry gate provides unobstructed view for cattle
  • Man gates and sliding race gate ensure ease of use for the operator
  • Designed for single operator use

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