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Calf Cradle

Arrowquip Calf Cradle And Race

Calf Cradle

Model: Calf Cradle | Table Top | Nearside or Offside

Dimensions: 1045mm wide x 2285mm high x 2125mm long

Product Code: TTCCLR1, TTCCLOSR1

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Arrowquip’s heavy-duty Calf Cradle allows you to manage calves of any size in a single piece of equipment. Featuring adjustable settings, single action catch and release, and a new non-slip floor, the Calf cradle allows you to work your
calves quickly and efficiently at a height that will
save your back!

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Calf Cradle Parts
  • Features

    • Operation handle designed for single-action catch and release.
    • Pull to catch and continue pulling to tip the calf in one simple action
    • Neck yoke holds the calf’s head securely and enables you to use the calf cradle for larger calves
    • The spring-loaded exit gate opens automatically, allowing calves to exit immediately once released
    • Indented calf cradle to allow the handler to get up close when marking

  • Parts

    1. Ratchet lock
    2. Spring loaded exit gate which automatically opens
    3. Cut out for better access to smaller calves
    4. Table height to save back strain
    5. High side to match cattle height

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