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Sheep Drafting Race

Arrowquip V Draft

V-Sided Drafting Races for Sheep Yards


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A Sheep Drafting Race is an essential piece of any sheep yard. Arrowquip offers two Sheep Drafting Race Designs, to ensure that every property can have a solution that will fit their needs. The V-Sided Draft is excellent to keep sheep that are likely to turn back moving single file, while the Straight-Sided Draft is ideal for sheep that are easily distracted. No matter what style you prefer, you will find that the drafting races provide an easier, faster, and safer way to process your sheep than ever before.

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  • Sheep Drafting Race side view

    Model: V-Side

    Product Code: DMVS

    Dimensions: 650mm Wide x 1040mm High x 3850mm Long

    The cradle-shaped sides on the V-Side Sheep Drafting Race restricts sideways movement to keep your sheep moving forward in a single-file line through the draft. The interior space at the top of the V-Side Draft is 547mm, and the space at the bottom of the draft is 182mm to ensure sheep will never turn back. When combined with the 1200mm long gates on the draft, the V-Side Sheep Drafting Race allows you to sort your sheep quickly and easily in three directions with only one handler.

Sheep Drafting Race Semi-Permanent Design
  • Heavy-Duty Design

    Large 100mm x 50mm posts support the Drafting Races, providing a highly durable frame that can stand up to regular use. Additionally, the rails on the posts feature 59mm x 30mm rails, providing maximum security and durability when sorting your sheep.

  • Semi-Permanent Design

    Arrowquip’s Sheep Drafting Races come standard in a semi-permanent design, allowing you to integrate the draft into your handling system with ease. With six tie town points and four double lugs on each end, you can connect your draft seamlessly to your stockyard panels and gates.

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  • Silent Hinges

    The silent, smooth-action hinges on the Sheep Drafting Races feature nylon bushes for long lasting, maintenance free operation no matter how often you are using the draft.

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