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Sheep Handlers, Sheep Crushes & Equipment

The most advanced sheep handlers and low stress handling equipment available in the industry. Improve the efficiency of managing your sheep with equipment designed to work with livestock psychology, making the processing of animals faster, safer, and easier for the handler and the sheep. 

Sheep Handlers

Sheep handlers designed to keep stress to a minimum and improve processing times significantly, allowing you to work more sheep in less time! Available in multiple styles, you can find an effective solution for your farm.

Sheep Yard Panels & Gates

Sheep stockyard panels in a variety of sizes and designs to fit the needs of any operation. Choose your ideal solution from our high-quality line of sheep panels and gates designed for maximum security in your sheep yard.

Sheep Loading Ramps

Choose from a lineup of Sheep Loading Ramps in multiple designs that allow you to control the flow of your sheep and simplify the transition from yard to trailer.