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Adjustable V Draft Module

V Draft Header

Adjustable V, Sheep Draft Module

Model: Adjustable Draft Module

Weight: 294 kg

Dimensions: 3841mm x 650mm

Product Code: DMAS

The adjustable sheep draft module is suited to all sheep operations where drafting is required. The flexibility of having an adjustable V is that you can adjust the sides in for smaller or shorn sheep, and adjust the side out for wooly sheep. You can also control the speed at which the sheep flow through the draft by adjusting the sides. The draft gates have horizontal rails to improve flow, and reduce sheep breaking a leg. The draft gates also have large ergonomic handles to make it user friendly, and prevent you banging your hands on the adjacent draft gate as you draft.

The adjustable V draft module can be narrowed or widened at the base giving you control of the flow of sheep

The V-shaped sheeted sides reduces baulking

Adjusted by pin

Lift and swing gates

Large safety handles to save your hands from injury

Removable draft gates so that you can attach your

own handler/scanner to the end of the V section

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