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Cattle & Sheep Yard Designs

Professional Stockyard Designs for Operations of Any Size

No matter what size of cattle or sheep operation you are running, Arrowquip’s custom stockyard designs are designed to create optimal livestock flow through your yard system. Whether you require a completely new design, or wish to work with existing structures, our team of experts will work alongside you to design a solution that will simplify daily life on your farm. Our 30+ years of experience in the livestock industry and generations of farming history set our cattle and sheep handling equipment and stockyard designs apart from anything else in the industry, ensuring that you can work your animals as quickly, easily, and effectively as possible.

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Commercial Cattle & Sheep Handling Systems

Arrowquip is dedicated to providing Commercial Livestock Producers with a complete range of services tailored specifically to their needs. Through many years of industry experience in the livestock sector throughout Australia, and generations of personal experience working livestock, Arrowquip brings a wealth of knowledge to their stockyard system design services.  

Livestock Handling Made Easy

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  • Cattle Yard Full of Cattle

    Cattle Handling

    Low-stress livestock handling practices are at the core of every design decision we make here at Arrowquip.  By adhering to proper cattle handling practices and animal welfare guidelines, we provide cattle handlers with effective stockyards that allow you to work your cattle more efficiently, and ensure that your animals are in top condition. Wide oval rails on all panels reduce bruising, further enhancing the benefits of your stockyard investment by ensuring you can get top dollar for your cattle. Choose a preexisting design, create one of your own, or contact our team of livestock experts to request a custom solution that will suit the needs of your operation.

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  • Sheep yard full of sheep

    Sheep Handling

    When it comes to handling your sheep, speed and flexibility are key. Sorting gates must be simple and easy to operate to ensure you can separate your animals effectively, and it is important to keep your sheep at low stress levels so that they move through the handling hard quickly and you do not encounter hold-ups. Choose from a variety of prexisting designs, or develop your ideal solution with the help of our team of livestock experts to create the ideal sheep yard design for your farm

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What makes Arrowquip Stockyards different from the rest?

At Arrowquip, we believe that “good” is never good enough. We are constantly researching, seeking to improve, and pushing the boundaries to create new and better ways to handle livestock. We do this in a variety of ways – by working alongside industry experts, employing a team of engineers and experienced farmers, and keeping up to date with the latest animal science research. Each design we create is thoughtfully crafted to work with animal behavior and create optimal flow within your yard, allowing you to work your livestock faster and safer than ever before.

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The new yards work really well for what we are trying to achieve with our cattle handling. We are handling our stock very regularly and monitoring weight gains and production, the yards have been fantastic to manage the cattle and allow easy drafting and flow.​​

- Sophie & Keith Campbell, "Yarrawonga" -

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Design Excellence

Learn the key design elements that set Arrowquip’s Custom Stockyard Designs apart from the competition.

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Global Research & Development

What part does a Global Research & Development Team play in your stockyard design? More than you know.

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Project Management

Concerned about the installation process? Let us eliminate those concerns with our established Project Management process.

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