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Sheep Loading Ramps

side view of Adjustable Sheep Ramp

Sheep Loading Ramps | Stationary & Adjustable

4 models available:
8m Mobile Ramp| 3.5m Stationary| 3.5m Adjustable| 2.4m Knockdown Ramp

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The requirements of every operation can vary greatly, and Arrowquip offers multiple sheep loading ramp styles and additional components to suit your load-out requirements. Choose from stationary, adjustable, and economical models to find a suitable solution for your property that will provide safe and secure sheep loading every time.

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Choose your Loading Ramp model

  • 8Mtr Mobile Sheep Ramp

    Model: 8m Mobile Ramp

    The 8m Mobile Sheep Ramp is the ideal mobile solution for you if you are wanting to load multiple decks, and be able to take your loading ramp to different locations. The ramp is 900mm wide and will reach from the 1st to the 4th deck.

  • Side view of 3.5m stationary Sheep Loading Ramp

    Model: 3.5m Stationary

    Dimensions: 1770mm Wide x 3297mm High x 3296mm Long

    The 3.5m Stationary Sheep Ramp is an ideal option when you regularly load your sheep into a truck. The ramp is fully sheeted and sits at 1240mm high loading height, allowing you to  load your sheep quickly and effectively every time.

  • Side view of 3.5m Adjustable sheep loading ramp

    Model: 3.5m Adjustable

    Dimensions: 1770mm Wide x 3297mm High x 3296mm Long

    If you load your sheep into trucks and trailers of varying heights, the 3.5m Adjustable Sheep Ramp is an ideal solution for your needs. With 10 different heights that range from 690mm to 1240mm, your ramp will work with a truck or trailer of any size.

  • Sheep Knockdown Ramp

    Model: 2.4m Knockdown Ramp

    Product Code: SLR24

    The Knockdown Sheep Loading Ramp is a simple and effective solution for portable yards, as it can be loaded onto the back of a ute or folded flat for transport easily. The 2.4m Knockdown ramp is built with three pieces and is not sheeted, making it an economical choice for handlers who wish to take their ramp on the road.

Rolled Bows for sheep loading ramp
  • Rolled Bows

    The rolled bows on the Loading Ramps provide enhanced durability and strength, as they distribute force evenly around the curve. This style of bow is superior to welded bows, ensuring that your ramp will last for years of reliable use.

  • Non-Slip Flooring

    The 1.9mm flooring on Arrowquip’s sheep ramps feature galvanized floor sheeting with anti-slip treads to provide your livestock with sure footing and keep their stress levels low as they move up the incline of the ramp.

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  • Fully Sheeted

    Arrowquip’s 3.5m Stationary and Portable Sheep Loading Ramps feature 900mm sheeting to ensure your sheep transition from yard to trailer distraction-free.

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  • Livestock loading ramp rubber bumper

    Rubber Bumper

    The Rubber Bumper acts as a cushion to protect your ramp and yard system from the negative effects of trucks backing up.

  • Livestock loading ramp sidewalk option


    The Sidewalk is specifically designed for the 3.5m. Includes a hand rail for operator safety, and can be installed on the left or right hand side of the ramp.

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