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Sheep Catcher

Galvanized sheep catcher with sheep in the background

Sheep & Goat Catcher

Weight: 115 kg

Dimensions: 1110mm Wide x 1050mm High x 1740mm Long

Product Code: SGCR

The simple and effective Sheep Catcher provides handlers with up-close access to their animals for any management tasks necessary. The Sheep Crush catches sheep securely around the middle, effectively immobilizing them and providing the handler with optimal access to the feed, underbelly, and head. The sheep catcher is also highly effective for managing goats.

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Front view of Galvanized Sheep Catcher
  • Simple Manual Operation

    The simple manual controls provide the handler with maximum control of their animals, with minimum effort required.

  • Optimal Working Height

    Once the animal is tipped up, they are at an ideal height for handlers to complete their essential sheep management tasks.

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The Sheep & Goat Catcher has proven to be a wonderful asset, saving me and my assistant a great deal of back breaking work. It functions smoothly and quickly, holds the sheep securely, and they are surprisingly relaxed while upside down.

- E. Lawson,

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Galvanized Sheep Catcher hero image
  • High Visibility Gates

    High visibility entrance and exit gates give sheep confidence as they are entering the handler, and eliminate hesitation.

  • Sheeted Back Panel

    The back panel on the Sheep Crush is fully sheeted, to keep the animals legs safe when being tipped up and down.

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