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R-Catch MKII Dual

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R-Catch MKII Dual

Model: R-Catch MKII Dual

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Introducing the R-Catch Mark II Dual Cattle Crush – a cutting-edge solution designed for unparalleled efficiency in cattle handling. With a new V-shaped headbail, double-grab ratchet headbail mechanism, and a host of advanced features, this Australian-made crush guarantees a smoother and quicker operation. Backed by a 10-year manufacturer's guarantee, the R-Catch Mark II Dual offers a superior, stress-free experience for both livestock and handlers.

Elevate your cattle handling with the R-Catch Mark II Dual. The innovative V-shaped headbail and double-grab ratchet mechanism ensure precise control, while the 40mm Headbail running bar facilitates smoother and quicker operations. The dual parallel squeeze, large neck access, and multiple needle gate access points provide added flexibility and control during veterinary procedures. With a single row of rump fingers, kick vet gate, sheeted back slider, and optional rubber floor, this crush is a comprehensive solution for efficient and stress-free cattle handling. Choose the R-Catch Mark II Dual for minimal maintenance with nylon bushes in gate hinges, ensuring a reliable and durable investment.


New V-Shaped Headbail: Experience improved control and efficiency with the innovative V-shaped headbail design.

Double-Grab Ratchet Headbail Mechanism: Ensure precise and secure cattle containment with the double-grab ratchet headbail mechanism.

40mm Headbail Running Bar: Facilitate smoother and quicker operations with the 40mm Headbail running bar.

Dual Parallel Squeeze: Enhance flexibility and control during veterinary procedures with the dual parallel squeeze.

Large Neck Access: Provide ease of access for various cattle sizes with the large neck access feature.

Multiple Needle Gate Access Points: Maximize flexibility in your handling procedures with multiple needle gate access points.

Single Row of Rump Fingers: Prioritize the safety and comfort of your livestock with a single row of rump fingers.

Kick Vet Gate: Ensure additional control and safety with the kick vet gate feature.

Sheeted Back Slider: Add an extra layer of safety and containment with the sheeted back slider.

Optional Rubber Floor: Customize your crush for the ultimate comfort with the optional rubber floor.

Nylon Bushes in Gate Hinges: Minimize maintenance efforts with nylon bushes in gate hinges, ensuring long-lasting reliability.

Choose the R-Catch Mark II Dual for an advanced, efficient, and low-maintenance solution that prioritizes the well-being of your livestock.

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