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Cattle Loading Ramp

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3.5M & 4.8M Cattle Ramp

4 models available:
3.5M Fixed | 3.5M Adjustable | 4.8M Fixed | 4.8M Adjustable

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No two operations are the same, that is why Arrowquip offers a range of Cattle Loading Ramps designed to cater to any livestock producer’s needs. Choose between fixed and adjustable, and multiple lengths to ensure your cattle can transition smoothly from system to truck with ease every time.

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Choose your Cattle Ramp model

  • 210118 Lr35 Front 2

    Model: 3.5M Fixed

    Weight: 290 kg | Product Code: LR35

    Dimensions: 1770mm Wide x 3297mm High x 3296mm Long

  • 210420 R Lr38 A S Rear Os

    Model: 3.5M Adjustable

    Weight: 300 kg | Product Code: LR35A

    Dimensions: 1770mm Wide x 3297mm High x 3296mm Long

  • 210416 R Lr48 S Front Os

    Model: 4.8M Fixed

    Weight: 350 kg | Product Code: LR48

    Dimensions: 1770mm Wide x 3297mm High x 4705mm Long

  • 210420 R Lr48 A S Front Os

    Model: 4.8M Adjustable

    Weight: 360 kg | Product Code: LR48A

    Dimensions: 1770mm Wide x 3297mm High x 4705mm Long

View Loading Ramp Adjustable Option
  • Length

    Available in either 3.5M or 4.8M lengths, choose the ideal cattle ramp length for your specific stockyard requirements.

  • Adjustable

    Both the 3.5M and 4.8M ramps are available in and adjustable version that ranges from 690mm – 1240mm with 10 adjustment positions.

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Loading Ramp Sheeting
  • Sheeted Sides

    Arrowquip’s loading ramps come standard with 600mm sheeting.

  • Flooring

    Anti-slip treads on the flooring of the loading ramp allow cattle to move confidently through the ramp and into the truck, eliminating stress.

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  • Extension option for loading ramp

    Ramp Extension

    The 1.7m Cattle Loading Ramp Extension features 600mm sheeting, and allows you to extend the length of your loading ramp easily.

  • Livestock loading ramp sidewalk option


    The Sidewalk is specifically designed for the 3.5m and 4.8m ramps. Includes a hand rail for operator safety, and can be installed on the left or right hand side of the ramp.

  • Livestock loading ramp rubber bumper

    Rubber Bumper

    The Rubber Bumper acts as a cushion to protect your ramp and yard system from the negative effects of trucks backing up.

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Cattle Loading Ramp Specifications

Cattle loading ramp CAD drawing
  • Gradual incline allows cattle to transition into the truck smoothly
  • Standard 600mm sheeting
  • Anti-slip treads on flooring
  • Available with XPE® or BEEF MAX® rails

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