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Cattle Panels - Beef Max® & XPE®

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Premium Cattle Yard Panels & Gates

2 models available:
Beef MAX® | XPE®

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Arrowquip’s line of premium cattle panels and gates are designed for maximum visibility, ultimate strength, and minimal animal bruising. No matter what your operation needs, find a suitable solution with Beef MAX® and XPE® panels.

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  • Cut section of beef max panel rail

    Model: Beef MAX®

    Dimensions: 42mm Wide x 115mm High

    For ultimate visibility and durability, look no further than Beef MAX® cattle panels. Thoughtfully designed with a width of 42mm and height of 115mm, the oval rails on Beef MAX® panels provide the largest surface possible for cattle to run up against, minimizing bruising! This premium line of cattle panels is an excellent option for high-pressure areas in the stockyard, and are an ideal choice for races and drafting pounds.

    Available in the following heights:
    - 4-Bar Calf Panels
    - 5-Bar Cattle Panels
    - 6-Bar Cattle Panels

  • Cut section of XPE rail

    Model: XPE®

    Dimensions: 44mm Wide x 66mm High

    XPE® Cattle Panels are a high quality, extremely durable panels suitable for any property. These panels have been designed with a width of 44mm and height of 66mm and oval rails ensure that livestock bruising is limited. This premium line of cattle panels is the exceptional all-rounder stockyard solution, and are an ideal option for holding pens.

    Available in the following heights:

    - 4-Bar Calf Panels
    - 5-Bar Cattle Panels
    - 6-Bar Cattle Panels
    - 7-Bar Cattle & Sheep Combo Panels
    - 8-Bar Cattle & Sheep Combo Panels

Nylon Bush Gate
  • Panel Sizes

    Arrowquip’s premium cattle yard panels come in four standard sizes – 1.8m, 2.1m, 3m, & 3.6m. All panel sizes are available in either Beef MAX® or XPE® style, allowing you to create an optimal design for any property.

  • Gate Hinge

    Our unique gate hinge is fitted with nylon bushes for maintenance and rust-free operation, and offers a 300° swing that will never seize. The 4.2M Double Gates have a double hinge, and offer 360° range of motion.

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Beef Max Man Gate
  • Gates

    With a variety of gate designs ranging from 0.8M Race Gates to 4.2M Double Gates, there is bound to be a suitable access point for any part of your stockyard system.

  • Man Gates

    Arrowquip’s Man Gates are designed for quick exits in high-pressure situations, ensuring handlers stay safe when managing livestock. All Man Gates are designed with high bows for easy walk-through, and maximum gate durability.

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