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Sheep Yard Panels - Stud Manager & Overseer

Sheep looking through a set of sheep panels

Sheep Yard Panels - Stud Manager & Overseer

Arrowquip’s premium line of sheep panels are designed for maximum durability and versatility to create any stockyard configuration your property requires. No matter what your operation’s needs are, you will find a suitable solution with Stud Manager and Overseer sheep panels.

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Nylon Bush Gate
  • Panel Sizes

    Stud Manager premium sheep yard panels are available in four standard sizes – 1M, 2M, 3M, & 4M. Overseer style panels are available in 2.3M and 3.3M panels. Select panels come in both sheeted and rail only versions.

  • Gate Hinge

    Our unique gate hinge is fitted with nylon bushes for maintenance and rust-free operation, and offers a 300° swing that will never seize. The 4.2M Double Gates have a double hinge, and offer 360° range of motion.

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Stud Manager Sheep Gate
  • Gates

    With a variety of gate designs ranging from 1M to 4M Double Gates in both sheeted and rail only versions, there is bound to be a suitable access point for any part of your stockyard system.

  • Swing Race Gates

    Control the flow through your system with strategically placed race gates. Available in both single and double options, with Stud Manager rails.

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