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Hay Bale Feeder

Hay Bale Feeder 2

Hay Bale Feeder

Model: Round Hay Bale Feeder | Square Hay Bale Feeder

Dimensions: 1820mm (diameter) x 910mm (height) | 2420mm (length) x 1210mm (width) x 910mm (height)

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Arrowquip's feeders feature extra-heavy-duty 40nb steel walls, making them incredibly durable. They are also super easy to set up and transport between paddocks.

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Round Bale Feeder
  • Key Features of a Hay Bale Feeder

    1. Durable Construction
    2. Waste Reduction
    3. Ease of Access
    4. Portability
    5. Safety
    6. Weather Protection
    7. Simple Maintenance
    8. Stable Base

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