We run a 200 cow calf operation 30 km south of Tamworth. We run approximately 60 commercials and 120 stud Limousin cows. Since setting up the new Arrowquip yards it has made a massive improvement in saved time and enables me to do all operations by myself. The cattle flow through this system beautifully in this set-up and design by Boyd Holden, a renowned low stress stock handling expert.

Ah Closeup Qrace

The Q-Catch Cattle Crush is extremely smooth and quiet, the cattle just walk up in and they walk out quiet not wound-up. There are some real advantages with the Easy Flow Race system too, one feature was being able to reduce the width very easily and quickly and being able vaccinate calves, and I can now complete this job in about a third of the time it used to take me, quite simply because the calves are secure, safe and not trampling each other and they are in a position I can easily access them.